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Lions Gate History

The Lions Gate Clubhouse was originally built by Ludwig Hangey, who in 1733 leased 110 acres of land from George Cressman. Cressman owned 1,000 acres of land that now comprises most of Souderton Borough and the eastern portion of Franconia Township.

According to the book, "Images of America - Souderton," fieldstones cleared from Hangey's 110-acre tract were used to build his residence that replaced a log house on the property.

Hangey's tract is outlined by the box in the map, which is in the lower-left of the 1,000-acre tract paid for in 1755 by George Cressman. Cressman then split his property into seven parcels and sold 110 acres to Hangey.

The photo and map on this page are from "Images of America - Souderton," published in 2011 by Souderton Telford Main Streets. The photo was provided to the book by John Freed and the map was provided by the Mennonite Heritage Center in Franconia Township. The 128-page book, which contains more than 200 photos depicting the history of Sounderton and Franconia, can be purchased for $21.99 from Aracadia Publishing.